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New Discmania Lux Vapor Paradigm Hypno Huk

New Discmania Lux Vapor Paradigm Hypno Huk

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Paradigm is excellence in the shape of a distance driver. The Paradigm sits comfortably in hand feeling slightly more shallow than your traditional 12 speed distance driver. The disc is designed to unlock your maximum distance potential with its tremendous glide and some high speed turn. The Paradigm also features a reliable low speed fade, which enables you to trust the flight of the disc even when throwing it with some anhyzer. This driver is overall extremely versatile and it can execute a wide variety of different distance lines.

The Paradigm is not normally offered in the popular and striking Lux Vapor material, so here's a rare chance to grab some. Other models offered in this plastic as specialty runs - Like the Link and Enigma - have become crowd favorites and we believe the Paradigm will be no different.

The Lux Vapor material comes in an array of cool color patterns that make the discs look a bit more unique. Discs are listed by their main color - If you're looking for something specific, please elaborate in the order comments and we'll do our best to facilitate your wishes within the constraints of our supply.

For many, the Paradigm is the best choice for controllable and reliable distance. If you love the flight of a controllable fairway driver but crave something a little faster, look no further!

Good for: Controlled distance, tailwind shots, touch forehand throws

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